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Why do we get to hear every second day in our careers that credentials are gaining ground and the people with mundane skill-sets are getting outdated and out skilled?Before we answer the question what you need to understand is that where there is smoke, there is fire. Hence, there is most certainly something useful about these top professional certifications, else industry leaders wouldn’t be going gaga over it! It is for this purpose that we are listing the major benefits of being, let’s say a certified human resource professional:

Competitive Advantage: Imagine this, you are at an interview along with so many other people. Keeping your name and background aside, what is it that sets you apart from the crowd? If you were to have a top professional certification, the likes of which are being offered by prominent players like the Talent Management Institute & the rest of the people didn’t, wouldn’t that leave a lasting impression?

Networking: An HR who has opted for an online credential, say a certification for human resources, would be mutually looking for the same things that other people in the same category are looking for. This iswhere online communities and clubs alike come into the picture. One gets the opportunity to exchange their views and opinions on various subjects. Similarly, someone who has already acquired an HR certificate program online would have the opportunity to interact with those in the similar sphere.

Confidence: Probably this is the one thing that strengthens our attitude and it only comes from a un-accounting trust in one’s abilities. And what exactly is ability directly attached to?

Experimenting: Make use of the knowledge that the ideal top professional certifications will bestow on you. Putting theory to good use by virtue of practical methods will embolden you to know the best permutations and combinations in which the technologies could be used.

The icing on the Cake: Experience is one thing that nobody can take away from you, even we grant you that. Having said that, one needs to come to terms with the fact that choosing to stay in the comfort zone, would only put the brakes on your path to success.

Judgment: sticking to one of our examples above, a certified human resource professional wouldbe better able to rank both, their own capability and that of the others. This results inan incorruptible mind that allows only the most streamlined talent to board the ship of an accomplished brand.

Mid-career Shift: In a trend that has emerged most notably is that people turning to these, massive online open courses for making a crucial switch, mid-way through their careers. Due to all the reasons mentioned above and the one being discussed, certified credentials encourage employers to blindly go ahead with trusting their employees with highly technical functions at the workplace. A win-win situation for both.

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