How To Use Methandienone To Get Maximum Benefits?


Methandienone is a highly effective drug preferred by most steroid users. It is one of the most popular and efficient anabolic steroids. Methandienone is also known as Dbol, and if used properly then it can give best results in terms of size and strength. To get proper results, it has to be combined with regular exercise, good calorie intake, and good nutrition. It helps to gain weight quickly. In a cycle of six weeks, it effectively helps to gain up to 20 to 30 pounds of weight. It is available in 10 mg tablet and is also available in injectable form. For a user, it is important on how to use Methandienone 10mg tablets. To retain the muscle grown with Dbol, you have to eat healthy food and exercise at the same rate as before.

How to Use Methandienone

A Methandienone tablet is best used in a cycle. During these cycles, it helps to strength and mass. Some people will see the results in the beginning and some would see it in the end. Some athletes prefer using it before entering any championship as it helps to avoid excess fat. Methandienone 10mg is considered to be one of the most effective steroids available in the market today. An athlete must be well aware ofhow to use Methandienone 10mg as it does comes with certain side effects. It is also used for reducing excess weight. If Methandienone 10mg is stacked with other compounds then it can be used in the bulking cycle of six weeks. It shows the effect with eight weeks of the usage. It stays for up to 20 days in the body. Most of the athletes use it a few weeks before competition date to get rid of excess fat and retain the muscles intact.

Side Effects of Methandienone

Methandienone 10mg can cause certain side effects and only if you are ready to accept them, you should go ahead with it. Although it is not necessary that it will happen. One of the most common problems that can be caused due to the use of Methandienone 10mg is increased blood pressure though it is not going to be something very drastic to be really worried about. It can also cause other side effects like enlargement of breast tissue in men which is also called gynecomastia. This can be avoided by using an aromatase inhibitor but it should be used when the side effect becomes visible.

Apart from getting high blood pressure and man boobs, there can also be problems like bloating and headaches. However, it should also be known that these side effects can occur only if Methandienone 10mg is taken for a long duration. It can also impact your life if you continue to use it for a long period of time. For women, the side effect may include making them muscular like men. So it is always advised to use it in the recommended cycle. Apart from these, there might be a problem for you to get this drug.

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