Verona: Do more Than Just Posting a letter on Juliet’s Wall


There’s no denying the fact that Italy is one of the most enchanting countries in the world with its delightful and beautiful towns and cities, especially northern Italy. Not that southern Italy is devoid of the Italian charm, but it is relatively more of a religious region, and Northern Italy is responsible for the booming economy of the country with its flocking tourism and massive export industry.

When one talks about Northern Italy, seldom will you find anyone not mentioning Verona and the tragic love story of Shakespeare’s’ Romeo and Juliet. But upon visiting, you will realize that you can do more than just posting a letter on the infamous Juliet’s wall.

Check out our list of fun ways you can enjoy your stay in one of the most enthralling cities of Italy, Verona:

  • Get engrossed in it’s rich and diverse architecture:

  • Just like many other Italian cities, Verona does not fail to impress with its unique history, art, and architecture. You can start by visiting the most famous tourist attraction of Juliet’s balcony, where you will the renowned Juliet’s wall scribbled with love notes from people across the world.

  • You can also visit the original Amphitheatre pre-dating Rome’s Colosseum, The Verona Arena, where you can enjoy an engaging Opera evening. Adjacent to the arena, you can stroll in the vibrant Piazza Bra and enjoy a rich cup of coffee in one of its picturesque cafes.

  • Out on a sunny day, enjoy a breathtaking view from the top of the Castel San Pietro. Renaissance lover should visit Piazza delle Erbe for its Renaissance-era palaces.

  • If you wish to delve into the history of Verona, we suggest you the Castelvecchio and Scaligero Bridge to know about the history of the ruling family of Verona, Scaligero family.

  • Enjoy the sumptuous local cuisines to your heart’s content:

A city is remembered for the warmth in the locals and its regional cuisines.

  • Verona still implements ancient recipes and tradition in preparing its delicacies. A gastronomically blessed city, if you wish to enjoy the authentic Veronian cuisines, we suggest you head to the town’s center, towards Piazza Bra, Piazza delle Erbe.

  • Try the traditional Roman pasta Gnocchi or the Christmas cookies, Nadalin for breakfast. You can have Sbrisolone, dripped in grappa for a or regional homemade spaghetti served with sardines, Bigoli.

  • If you happen to have a sweet tooth, you should try the traditional dessert of Verona, Pandoro – a delicious cake baked especially for Christmas and New Year.

So the next time you plan a tour to Italy, make sure you don’t miss out on spending a couple of days in Verona. With its huge tourism sector, Verona makes sure that it is well-equipped with the necessary conveyance system. You can book Verona airport transfers to pick you up/drop off from/to your accommodation. It’s a 24 hours service with an advanced flight tracking system to ensure you have a safe and secure taxi service to rely upon, in the event of the flight delay.


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