Want to Improve your Communication as a Couple? Here's how DISC can Help

Want to Improve your Communication as a Couple? Here’s how DISC can Help


Communication is a key to a healthy relationship. It is important that the couples should have an open communication channel so that they can talk to each other on varied subjects without any inhibition. However, it is not always so easy as different people have a different personality and they have varied ways in which they like to communicate with their partner. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone who will tells you how you should go about talking to your beloved in a way that he/she finds interesting and is more receptive to your ideas?

If you are looking for such a tool then we suggest that you use the highly effective DiSC profile for couples. This amazing module is developed solely for the purpose of improving the communication between the couples. DiSC understands that different individuals with different personality traits have different kind of communication skills some of which might not be compatible with their partners. Like one of the couples may be very forceful in putting forth his/her point of view whereas the other one is a bit introvert. In such a situation there will be a communication gap between the couple and one partner will dominate the communication and the other might resent it.

To prevent a conflict in the relationship you can take the help of the DiSC profile for couples. In this program both the partners have to take an online test and the result is compared by a sophisticated program. The programs look at both of your personality traits and then try to figure out where both of them fall on the DiSC and how they differently perceive a thing. What this program does is give the couple an idea of how their significant other is looking at an issue and how he approaches a problem. This is immensely helpful for the couple to understand their partner more closely and try to see the issue through their eyes.

To reduce conflict in your relationship the first thing that you need to do is listen carefully and without interruption what your partner is saying. Try to understand the reason behind his/her arguments and if genuine accept it. On the other hand, if you do not share her points, try to explain it to him/her in an easy and calm manner. Most of the time we do not listen to the other person and only try to impose our own arguments this is neither healthy nor productive.

When there is an argument or difference of opinion always try to show respect to the other’s point of view and try to adjust as far as possible. Do not make it an ego issue. Small arguments if left to fester can soon develop into big ones, so it is important to always trash out the issues honestly. Never brush an issue under the carpet.

If you follow these steps, you will spend a happy and contented life with your family.

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