Original Blue Sapphire

Wear GemStones According to Your Birth Charts


There are many gem stones available these days and according to astrology these gem stones when worn by an individual can bring some positive changes in life too.

There are original blue sapphire, cat’s eye, emeralds, rubies and many more that are present in the list? How could one know which stone will bring betterment in their life? Well for that, one has to take help of some experienced astrologers. They will study your birth chart and then decide which gem stone will be good for you and which will bring positive changes in your life. But how does an astrologer studies one’s birth chart?

Well, it is said that while studying a basic birth chart, the astrologer has to deal with three main parts. They are the signs, the planets and the house. After learning about these three aspects, one has to look at the aspects that a birth chart reveals. The basic sun sign leads one to know about the basic aspects and characteristics that a person can have. There are some stereotypes and some exceptions as well. Beyond those basic characteristics, there are some minute details which vary in every individual.

The neelam stone is a particular gem stone which is heavily influenced by the planet of Saturn. So, one has to know how much impact of Saturn is there is a person’s birth chart before they think about wearing this stone. It is a good idea to take help of an astrologer who can study well your birth chart and then can advise you on which gem stone you should wear to get benefits in return. This particular stone when worn also brings a lot of mental peace. That is why; one can easily get the bite of success after wearing this because t helps them to take decisions with a relaxed mind. There is still a thing that one has to keep in mind. One has to buy and wear the authentic neelam or blue sapphire stone and then wear it to get proper benefits. For that one has to buy the stone from authentic dealers. If they do not wear the original stone then apparently there are not benefits in store for you.

Neelam stone shows very quick impact on the wearer. If one wears this stone, they start getting results within a month of wearing it. There are other gem stones like coral moonga which one can also wear for benefits.

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