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Web Design Trends that are Going to Rule Till 2018


A well-designed website not just only highlights your online presence, but tells many things about your business reputation. If you look back at the last couple of years, you will realize how the trend of decorating attractive and meaningful website has transformed.

If you are running a business and want to change the view of your prospects and your existing customers, you should think about applying the latest trends of web designing. This will not only change people’s perception about your business, but encourage them to develop trust for you. So, let’s talk about the latest web design trends that are going to rule till 2018.

Clean Layout

There was a time when developers wanted to show everything through the extensive web design. However, the modern trend is about how clean and fresh the page is. Today, people like a simple layout that allows a site to represent content in a clean and clear way. The reputed web designing agencies use typography well, with fresh information hierarchies that allow searchers to navigate through the web page conveniently. Such a kind of web design is also compatible with ‘mobile-first’ paradigms.

Typographically Driven Designs

Modern web designers are aware that ‘skeuomorphism’ has become history and it is the time for typography-based web design. Today, developers know that buttons have gone for text-based links that make user interactions easy, and this trend is believed to remain in the field till 2018.

Developers are now busy in creating big, bold and text-based designs along with applying massive headers that provide a clean and clear view to the visitors. In addition, some bright and saturated colors of 2016 are expected to rule the market even in 2017-18, as many developers are using the least neon-gradient trend in their work. To know more about the latest trends, visit lasvegaswebdesignco.com.

Connecting Web Service to the Internet of Things

The trend of connecting web services to the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the greatest trends of 2017 and according to the industry experts, this trend will remain popular till 2019. APIs are still active and helping web developers in establishing connections with IoT devices. However, some issues concerning safety and security have evolved with the IoT service and that is probably why developers are taking measures to protect the users’ data.

AI and Machine Learning

The news of Google’s AlphaGo defeating skilled human Go Player went viral and eluded experts for decades and now the AI assistants like, Apple’s Siri have won the hearts of millions. As AI advances, users are now looking forward to seeing more such AI and machine-learning developments on the web design. Web developers associated with AI-aided design are not far behind from developing machines like, AlphaGo.

These are some of the latest and effective trends in the field of web designing. In addition, web designers are now using more powerful tools than the JavaScript wrapper like, jQuery or HTML for including basic animation in the content.

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