valentine crystals

What Are Valentine Crystals?


Our first thought when you hear ‘valentine crystals’ is probably of jewelry and an item with crystals in for your valentine. Although this is a lovely gift, it is not the image which should be conjured when you hear this phrase.

In fact, valentine crystals are objects made from crystal glass and generally designed with Valentine’s Day in mind; of course, they can be given at any time of the year!

You will probably have seen them in a variety of stores, clear glass designed into shapes such as a heart or even a rose. The glass crystal can be created in virtually any shape; you can even have a message engraved onto the surface of the crystal.

Discover the Latest Developments

Technology relentlessly advances and this means that what was once state of the art is quickly replaced by a new technique. This is true for valentine crystals.

It is no longer enough to simply cut a shape in a piece of crystal glass. Now a laser can etch an image inside the glass without marking the surface in any way.

You can choose to have a message, a picture or even a shape etched into the glass crystal; providing a wonderful and long lasting gift for anyone you love.

But that is not all! Further advancements mean that it is now possible to etch a 3D image inside a glass crystal object. This can be done regardless of whether the object is a cube, heart or something more intricate.

Understanding the Process

If you wish a personalized picture inside your glass crystal you will need a high quality photo. This can then be scanned and entered into the laser etching program. It will create tiny voids deep inside the crystal, moving by micro millimeters to create more until the shape is completed.

The entire process is completed by machine and, when finished, will leave you with a 3D image trapped inside the crystal. If you turn it in your hands it will be like turning the physical object; you will see each side of them.

The lasers are so good that you can actually have up to 4 faces inside one crystal; all distinctively recognizable.

The Perfect Gift

This is a gift which is appropriate for any individual. All you need to do is choose an item or photo which means a lot to them and then leave the computer to do its job.

You can then give a gift that will be treasured for many years to come; it will be unique and personal.

The Range of Valentine Crystals

It is worth noting that there is virtually no limit to the object you can give. Lasers can cut virtually any shape from the glass before etching the image. Whether you are after a bottle stopped; miniature Porsche, personalized necklace or even a heart keychain; you will be able to find them. In fact, you may be surprised at how quickly these items can be made; considering how amazing they look!

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