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Why Dehradun is an ideal city for education?


Dehradun, which is legitimately termed as Dehra Doon, where Dehra (Dera) means camp and Doon implies stream valley. It is the capital city of the recently made state of Uttarkhand, and is geographically located 250 kms far from the national capital of India, New Delhi. The city has the Yamuna in the west, Himalayas in the north, Ganges in the east and the Sivalik Hills in the south making a flawless traveller destination.

The rich and highly fertile gangetic fields pass through the region, making it a fruitful area for agriculture purposes underpinning agribusiness at the spot. The celebrated Dehradun Rice, as the name recommends is the creation of this spot. The spot is likewise acclaimed for its kitchen items. Dehradun has a populace of 956000 which incorporates an impeccable sex proportion.

In the past one and half decade, the city has registered a phenomenal growth on the front of educational development. Today you can very easily find India’s Top Engineering institute in dehradun to serve your educational purposes. The state government has also come up to revitalise the educational scenario in the state and has gone beyond the call of duty to lay stress on the process of establishment of both private and government educational institutions.

One of the prime factors that make Dehradun as one of the most preferred destinations for learners from across the nation and the globe is its all-time pleasant climate. People simply fall in love with the climatic conditions that the city offers to them. On the front of residential facilities, Dehradun is not an overly populated city like other metro and mini metro city of India. It offers spacious hostels, paying guest facilities, private properties and the renting facilities to all those who come there.

Another top reason people choose Dehradun as their preferred destination for education is that the city has all types of institutions within the same territory like engineering, law, fine arts, agriculture, & commerce. This type of unique ambience gives a new kind of enthusiasm to the new-age learners and filled them with a sense of completion and satisfaction.

As far as the connectivity to the city is concerned, Dehradun is well connected to the other major cities in North India by very good bus network, railways and the airways. The nearest airport to the city is Jolly Grant. On the whole, the city of Dehradun offers a plethora of educational opportunities on the one hand, and a mind-soothing life style on the other. Once the visitors land in the city with any kind of purpose in hand, get willing to live here permanently, once their purpose is served.


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