Why Do You Need Help From Residential Conveyancing Solicitors?


Before going ahead with the discussion for the topic, it is important that you are aware of what the term conveyancing means. Well, in simple terms, it is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property – be it residential or commercial from the seller to the buyer (you) or the other way around.

The process of conveyancing commences from the moment when the offer on a property from the buyer’s end is accepted by the seller and ends when the seller hands over the keys to the property to the buyer. Residential conveyancing solicitors are the professionals who oversee the whole process as it is next to impossible for a Layman to ensure the legal procedures goes down without a hiccup.

With that information in mind, let’s take a look at some reasons that enunciate why you need help from residential conveyancing solicitors:

Making inquiries about the property with the local authorities

Is the property ever a witness to a crime? Are there any plans for the authorities to claim the land in and around the property for development purposes? Are the local authorities planning to build a road in front of the property in the near future? Answers to these questions are critical and it is difficult for you to get them on your own and a solicitor does all that for you.

Solicitors Assist the buyer in the following ways:


  • Carry out detailed research about the property or properties and convey the reports both in hard and soft copies. They often prefer relaying the information via e-mails and in-person for the best results.
  • They often take the assistance of a computer-based case management system that allows them to complete their conveyancing roles in minimal time delay.
  • They are vigilant when it comes to protecting the interests of their clients by keeping their eyes peeled for visible signs of fraudulence and money laundering.
  • They get in touch with the officials at the Department of Land Registry and check whether the titles or deeds related to the property are in their perfect order or not.
  • They also take matters related to drafting or checking sales contracts and terms of agreement thereby working as the representative of the buyer in the real estate transaction.

The real estate sector is undoubtedly one of the best ways you can increase your wealth by many folds given you are getting your hands on one that is not only beautiful on the outside but in the inside as well. It is next to impossible to readily figure out if there is something wrong with a property at first glance. It is important to run thorough background checks on a property before you go all in with your hard earned money. It is one of the many reasons why you should consult with residential conveyancing solicitors for best results.


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