Why Party Bus Theme is Popular These days?


Bored of all those elegant halls and auditoriums? Looking for a different way to celebrate your 21st birthday or bachelorette party? We know exactly what you need. Partying on a bus can never go wrong, it doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night party, a fun-filled pub crawl or just a simple transfer of wedding guests. If you are still in doubt, maybe a sneak peek into what you get can help you:


What is a party without music? And today, music on a bus takes on a whole new level with karaoke microphones and fully equipped music systems that will keep you on your feet, moving to the beat, all through the night.

All you have to do is bring your own music, and we are guessing that this should not be too difficult in today’s age of smartphones and gadgets, right?

Food and Drinks

Who said the food is a problem while travelling. Not today, where you have eskies that keep all your drinks cool. So, you can enjoy your beer and other soft drinks with all the hot food you bring along.


No, partying may be a problem on buses. But not on party buses. Partying on these buses is no hassle as they are designed accordingly. You can cruise in style and without any worries as they make sure that you enjoy all the safety that you need.

Let us now look at the kinds of parties you can have on a bus and to make all these things come true, you can contact the Newcastle party bus hire service.

The Nightclub for Your Birthday

Be it your special 21st or your 30th birthday, party buses make it special for you. You are at a nightclub on wheels with dancing lights and a range of adventurous activities that you get to choose from.

Bachelorette Parties

Be it a hen’s night or a buck party, let it be a complete night out on the bus. You can go pub crawling or even get adventurous with your friends. It’s the day before your wedding day. Make it fun.

Work’s Not All About Work

You need fun too. And party buses give you this in the best way. Plan a hassle-free party with something unique and different. You have an endless list of venues to choose from so you and your team can party in style.

Making Wine Tours Fun

Going on a wine tour? Party buses let you do it in the best way. With a variety of options with vineyards and cellar doors, they will take you on a kind of tour you just won’t be able to forget.

Transfer Your Wedding Guests in Style

No, don’t make transferring your guests a hassle for them, with the sacrifices they are making for you. Give them all the fun they need by arranging for a party bus.

You don’t need any more explanations for why you should have your next party on a bus, do you? With great music systems, eskies for all your drinks, high safety standards, dancing lights and so much more, bus hire services are here to give you the time of your life.


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