Zing Corporate Team Building Activities And Events


Zing Events Company is a corporate event based company in London which delivers a new scenario of team building activities and other fun packed learning after business sessions and stressful working periods.

Main aim of Zing events is to organise an event that could conduct effective and innovative team building activities. New inventive and productive efforts may cater the need of building team spirit among the individuals. Zing Events Company emerged as one of the twelve contenders for The Marketing Society Excellence Awards 2015. It conducted a team building roadshow activity for The Global Transaction Services Company, aimed to train their employees to sign on their brand values.

The corporate management events in London are no more monotonous. Zing Events Company follows a dynamic and out-and-out approach to build communication and collaboration among the workforce. All the barriers among the taskforce are worked upon to build strong relationship amongst the team members.

Team Building Activities: All the activities of Zing Events Company are targeted at working with clients and create learning experiences that are full of fun and action regardless of the team strength.

Indoor Team Building Activities: Ingenious and leading edge indoor activities are delivered aiming to spawn team spirit among the co-workers. Team building task is not a daily cup of tea. All the efforts are steered towards developing imagination, creativity, delegating role and responsibility within the team partners.

  • Conference Energiser: This activity can be conducted for a group of 15 and more persons and lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours. Short interesting activities are introduced throughout the day intended towards energising and making the conferences interactive. One spends a joyful day free of stress and tribulations.
  • Bake That: This action packed task can be run for groups of 15 upto750 and even more and lasts for one to three hours. All the groups are provided with their own cooking station, oven and recipe instructions required to cook a particular food allotted to them. Expert cooks and chefs are available to train and help you out during the process. Each team bakes their recipes to the ultimate perfection.

Outdoor Team Building Activities: Zing Events Company organises team building events for those who love adventure and want to experience thrill. Wide ranges of outdoor activities are conducted for all types of people — physically challenged, duty fulfillers, visionaries and executives. These activities are conducted in different parts of United Kingdom such as Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Essex, and Glasgow.

Team From Above: This activity is conducted for a group of 50 -500 plus persons and lasts for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. The teams create a logo or product name by arranging the team mates. Aerial photographs are clicked high above in the sky. You can use the photos in newsletters, catalogues and brochures of your companies.

Garden Games: This activity can be conducted for 15- 250 more persons and lasts for two to three hours. Croquet, Boules, and Skittles are the different games played by the workforces. The activity starts with an introduction of the game and its rules. The teams are divided and the games are played. The champions are awarded after the completion of games.

Corporate Evening Events: Evening parties, dinners and get-togethers are organised to rejuvenate the workforces after long hectic working hour

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